Practical Coaching for Startups

Start and Grow your Business

Get support to:

  • Clarify your business model
  • Create your business plan
  • Define your marketing strategy
  • Systemise your business
  • Plan your long term organisational strategy


As a coach I’ll help you to:

  • Clarify your goals
  • Select ways to achieve those goals
  • Create action plans
  • Solve problems &overcome hurdles



  • People just thinking about setting up a new business
  • Startups who need help setting up
  • Small businesses who need more customers
  • Well established businesses requiring support to systemise, hire new staff and develop strategically



We can work together face-to-face in a cafe, by phone or via Skype.



Your input into my business approach and planning has been extremely important and useful to me – helping to build my foundational business knowledge and giving me the confidence to move forward.

John Ipe –

Patrick helped chunk the process of creating a website which felt like a real weight on my mind before. Having the development process explained and instructions on what order to do things helped make the process manageable. Knowing how web developers work helped me to get better results.

Paul Lewis

I highly recommend Patrick for any entrepreneurs out there who are struggling with problem-solving for their projects or who are trying to get their vision and their strategy right to achieve their goals.

Berkay Ozturk –

You are versatile, well prepared and you aim for the practical.

Roland Hesz –

You’re good at motivating people and have a structured approach.

Ben Whitford  Ben Whitford Fitness Youtube Channel

Patrick has been a great influence in helping me be more productive and strategic within the workplace. His approach is refreshing yet very professional. A gem, thanks!

Lionel Saaysman

I think you’re a great coach. In fact, I think you’ve a genuinely natural ability for it, because you listen very well indeed. I literally could share what had been happening over the past week and be completely heard by you. I never felt you were waiting to speak or wanted me to finish, or anything like that. That in itself was invaluable. The meetings always seemed to have a natural theme, where the next bit of information that I needed was shared with me. That could happen because you know the subject well. You could answer any question I had, and it always made sense.

James E.



Contact me to discuss your business and ask questions.

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